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Post by Raingazer on Sun Aug 14, 2011 9:24 am

Hello, everyone. Before we start discussing the forum rules, we would like to tell you the reason why GGScans made another forum.

On the halfway of our heavy and long maintenance, Raingazer experienced some major computer and internet troubles and because of it, it hindered her from accessing our forum. How, you ask? Her internet blocked and made GGS along with other websites incompatible to her computer. With no way of fixing this, she proposed an idea of making a temporary forum while she figure the problem out.

..And so, GGScans Forumotion will be our temporary forum site- for awhile.

We would like to note everyone that we will not make any heavy modifications on our temporary site and we will only accept few minor suggestions from users.

We hope everyone understands and stays patient.


1) We will ignore any topic or post not related to the board. Moderators will also move/merge/delete your topic or post. If you violate this rule excessively, you will be given a punishment.


2) What is (are) a spam(s)? Spams are:
a) When you double post. Administrators are exempted from this rule or anyone who are giving an announcement or bumping a thread.
b) When you post in a dead thread. We consider a thread dead if it has been untouched for almost 2 weeks.
c) When you talk about something off-topic. Technically, you can talk about something or anything unrelated to a topic, just make sure you've commented or posted something related to that topic.
d) When you advertise something unrelated to our forum. Advertising like: "Hey, join my website 'cause it's cool and fun!" or "I'm selling an iFagg for only $50, first three are free!" are considered as spams and will not be tolerated. But, if you advertise something related to our forum, like Clubs, then it's fine.
e) When you post a personal information about you or about someone else. How do you know if you're violating this rule, you ask? Simply telling everyone a person's age or phone number without that person's consent or just telling everyone your address not having a care because everyone lives miles away from each other. We know forums and social networking sites are made for people who are both living and not living far away from each other to connect, but we are also protecting your safety. So, please limit your personal information or plan what or what you're not going to share to us. If you, by instance, share some or a personal information to others, we will not stop you or warn you unless it was your decision to share, but still, we request for everyone that if you're going to share a personal information, please do it via PM.
f) When you type in caps. By 'caps' we mean it like these ones: "J3j3j3j3! H3lL000ooo!" "aYm aIm3eee~~" "H3H3H3H3. GgScAnS iS sOo CoOL liiiiiikEEEE333333" and many more. If your username also violates this rule, we will change it with or without your consent. Everyone must not violate this rule because some people do not understand texts like those.
g) When you recruit a member or a staff from GGS. If you are part of a scanlation group, if you own a scanlation group, if you are going to join a scanlation group, or someone is recruiting you to join them- you must tell us. If you fail to do so, we will ban you from GGS.
h) When you troll around. What is a 'troll'? In Wikipedia, a troll means: "In Internet Slang, a troll is someone who posts inflammatory, extraneous,
or off-topic messages in an online community, such as an online
discussion forum, chat room, or blog, with the primary intent of
provoking readers into an emotional response or of otherwise disrupting normal on-topic discussion." There are rules for a reason and though these rules are lengthy, we are not that strict for you to become a troll. So, please avoid becoming one.
i) When you flame someone. Flaming someone means, calling a person insulting names, hurting a person online, fighting with someone online, etc.. If you have a problem with someone, talk to that person but be gentle. If it's impossible to talk to that person, then you can always ignore or just report your problem to us via PM. We Founders have unusual traits and can sometimes look cold and almighty (hm, maybe it's just me, not the others), but please don't be mistaken. We have lives and often times we experience stress and depression, and sometimes we might or might not show it to others, but we hope everyone does not misunderstand and end up talking behind our backs.
j) When you ask us or any staff when is our release. We will ban someone after two strikes of this rule.
k) When you repeat a question again and again even after we have or someone already answered your question. We know we live in different countries and speak different languages, but we will try to answer you with our best capabilities and we hope you will do the same by understanding and by being patient with us.
l) When you speak vulgar words or topics. We will not tolerate any violation of this rule, especially if you're a staff. Although we are all friends and families, we have to be strict: We are Administrators and you are our Members and both of us must respect each other.
m) When you post less than three words.

3) If you have a suggestion, wether it is something for the forum or for our project, we request you to suggest only once in two weeks. We cannot have unfinished suggestions piling up on our work desks.

4) We have members who are young and are not fully aware of the adult world. They are also a great asset to our GGS Family and we are glad to have them, that is why we must be careful of what we say or what we talk about. We do not want our team get shut down and we also do not want to lose everyone. If you want to have adult conversations, then please do it in the Mature Talk section of the Off-topic board.


5) We want everyone especially the staff to be an active member. If anyone is going to leave GGS for a long time, you can say your goodbyes in the Introduction Board (we will miss you!).

AVOID USING TOO MUCH BRIGHT COLORS, RE-SIZING YOUR FONT (like all in caps or everything is just too small), SYMBOLS.
6) The way you type or write your sentences or words can affect people. Typing all in caps, putting many exclamation points at the end of every sentence, re-sizing your font until it becomes less visible, etc.. We want everyone to avoid these because it can cause a conflict when you do it too much or not even too much.

7) If you need help with something, you can always ask us in the Troubleshoot board, but please be specific because if you are not specific we just might have to ignore you, same goes for the users who are going to answer them- be precise, provide screenshot or a step-by-step process if needed to.

8) Lastly, be friendly. Please don't ever ignore the new members or even the senior members. We do not want anyone to feel left out. But, this does not mean that you have to be fake or force yourself because this is a rule.

Now, everyone, go play. :)

Few Notes

1) You cannot speak bad words, but there are exceptions, like 'darn'.
2) Your signature must not exceed the width of 500 and the height of 500 pixels.
3) Your avatar must not exceed the width of 200 and the height of 200 pixels.
4) You cannot have any animated signatures.
5) The maximum numbers of signatures you can have is two, tags are three.
6) When someone shares their work (like a drawing or a story), do not steal. For people who are sharing their graphics, please use an anti-rip program or create a watermark.
7) It's best if you view our forum using the browsers: Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. Our forum, including our original forum, are unstable with other browsers especially Internet Explorer.
8) The staff are required to download
Skype and make an account. If you want to add everyone in Skype, just IM (Instant Message/ing) them or us Founders.
9) Never compare us to your last scanlation group or forum.

Some FAQ

Why did GGS chose Skype over IRC?
We do not have any special reason. We chose Skype merely because it's more fun that way and modern. If anyone is against this, we do not have any comment about that and you cannot convince us to change our minds.

Hey, we should make a Chat box so everyone can talk to each other, right?
We already have a Chat box and it's on the index and Portal of our forum.

What is the difference between the Chat box in Skype?
Chat box is where everyone can talk. Skype is where the staff have private meetings.

I found a bug on GGS' forum site! I want to report it, but where?
You can report it in the Site Support & Bug Reports section. Remember to be specific with your report and provide a screenshot.

I have some questions about your projects. Where do I ask?
You can ask in the Help & Support section. Remember to be specific if you want someone to answer you.

Where do I edit my signature?
Go to Profile ~> Signature ~> and just paste the url of your image or just write anything there and edit it!

NOTE: Use [img] tag to show images.
NOTE: When posting or making a topic, look for the Options- it's below the white box you type in- and check the check box of Attach Signature.

I ca
n't see my signature, why?
Maybe because you forgot to choose the Yes option on your Preferences. Go to Profile ~> Preferences ~> find Always attach my signature: and choose Yes from the choice box. Report it to us if there are no changes.

I'm looking for a job, but where do I browse?
You can browse for jobs in the Jobs section.

I'm a new recruit, what do I do?
Please follow the instructions and fill up the form in the Recruits Thread.

If you have any more questions, please just visit Site Support & Bug Reports and Help & Support!

Updated by Raingazer: 8/17/2011

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