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How to use: Toggle Chatbox

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How to use: Toggle Chatbox Empty How to use: Toggle Chatbox

Post by Raingazer on Sun Aug 14, 2011 10:21 am

Since the chat box occupies a huge space on the forum, I decided to make a toggle one and now this is a guide how to use the chat box.

First, click that image on the bottom right hand part of your screen which says ChatBox. Second, a screen will pop up and inside, a text will appear and it says, You are disconnected. Third, to log in, just simple click the box that says Log in. By now, you should be logged into the chat box. To see the members logged
into the chat box, simply view the left hand screen inside the chat box. To close the chat box, just simply click anywhere that is gold surrounding the actual chat box- but this will not log you out. Lastly, to log out, simply click the text that says Log out.

Credits: MrMario of ForuMotion
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